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Steps on how to become a registered or certified
family child care provider


Before you can be approved as a licensed family child care home you must:

  • Have a current certification in infant and child cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid;
  • Have a current food handler certification;
  • Complete two hours child abuse and neglect training or show proof that you have already done so;
  • Complete a Family Child Care Overview Class : You will need to call the number of the county you live in to sign up:
    Multnomah County, 503-548-4400
    Clackamas County, 503-675-4100
    Washington County, 971-223-6100.
  • Have each individual over 18 residing in the home, substitutes, and regular visitors enroll in the criminal history registry;
  • Complete "Application for Registered Family Child Care Home License" ; and,
  • Complete and pass an on-site health and safety review provided by the Child Care Division.

    Please keep in mind that the information on this website is not all inclusive. The information provided here is to get you started. Attendance at the required Overview class will help you answer most of your questions. You will receive a paper copy of the rules at your overview class or you may request one from the Child Care Division at 1-800-556-6616.

    Health and safety guidelines outlined in the rules must be met before your application can be approved. Conducting your own review of your home and planned activities to assure your home's compliance with the rules will save you a lot of time in the registration process. When you have questions that were not answered in your "Overview" class, you are encouraged to contact a Child Care Division licensing specialist for technical assistance.

For more information on rules and regulations and how to become a child care provider visit the Child Care Division Website

Before you can be licensed as a certified family child care provider you need to:


  • Be sure the home:
    *Meets all building code, zoning, fire and sanitation requirements.
    *Complies with the administrative rules related to this type of child care as indicated in the OARs at
    OAR 414-350-0130 through 414-350-0170.

  • All staff and anyone over the age of 18 living in the home or with access to the children must:
    *Be enrolled in the Child Care Division's Criminal History Registry

    Please keep in mind that the information on this website is not all inclusive. A paper copy of the rules may be requested from the Child Care Division at 1-800-556-6616.

    An on-site pre-certification or renewal certification visit to the facility will be provided by Child Care Division staff. During the pre-certification visit, the home and other aspects of the proposed operation will be evaluated to determine compliance with licensing requirements.

    Locations and dates of required training classes may be found by clicking Here.